Head Down, Feet Moving

June 2, 2014

This morning I chatted with my friend Paul Ward from Columbus, Ohio. After the usual catching up, we talked for a bit about how life is going. It seems that Paul and I are in the same place. Lots going on, plenty to think about, a to-do list that never quite gets done, people we love moving hither and yon, and more than enough to keep us on our knees.

I told Paul that my attitude toward the next few months was simple. “In football terms, keep your head down and your feet moving.” “That’s right,” Paul replied. “When you stop moving your feet, that’s when you end up on your butt.”

All in all, I think that’s good advice for most of life most of the time. When you’ve got a lot to do, put your head down and keep your feet moving. Nothing good happens if you look up too soon or if you stop moving your feet.

There are more spiritual ways to put it, I suppose, but this makes sense to me. In life as in football, when you stop moving your feet, you end up on your butt.

Head down, feet moving.
That’s how you make to the end zone.
Not glamorous, but it works.

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