Can We Still Believe in Life After Death?

One day the Sadducees tried to trick Jesus with a very weird question. Jesus’ surprising answer teaches us a great deal about life after death. Our hope of the resurrection rests on the faithfulness of God. Our hope for the future rests not in science, not in speculation, not in some proof text, but in the character of God himself!

Text: Luke 20:27-40
Sermon Series: Close Encounters with Jesus

The Standing Orders of the Gospel

The real impact of the gospel will be seen when we don’t feel joyful, when we don’t want to pray, and when we can’t think of a reason to be thankful. That’s when we discover if our Christianity is the genuine article or a spiritual counterfeit.

Text: 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18
Sermon Series: Living in the Last Days (1 Thessalonians)


What is it that you are waiting for from the Lord? What are you hoping for that you do not yet have? While you are waiting, don’t let go of that little word “yet.” It’s the difference between hope and despair because God is not finished yet.

Sermon Series: New Year’s Day Messages

Sunrise at Bethlehem

On the first Christmas morning the sun began to shine in Bethlehem. Now that he has come into the world, nothing can ever be the same again. Now we have light in the darkness, pardon from our guilt, and peace that passes all understanding.

Text: Luke 1:78-79
Sermon Series: Christmas Messages

Seed of the Woman

“And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your […]

Text: Genesis 3:15
Sermon Series: Christ BC

What You Seek, You Find

God uses the hard experiences of life to bring us to the place where our trust will be in him alone. Through those hard times, we learn to seek him and to rejoice even when life doesn’t make sense.

Text: Jeremiah 29:12-14
Sermon Series: Survivor Babylon: How to Make the Best of a Bad Situation

Rock Bottom Truth

When we find ourselves struggling with discouragement, we need to be reminded that God is thinking about us, and his thoughts toward us are good and not evil. When we hope in God, we can be happy even though we find ourselves in Babylon.

Text: Jeremiah 29:11
Sermon Series: Survivor Babylon: How to Make the Best of a Bad Situation

God Has a Bigger Plan

We serve a trans-generational God whose purposes span the centuries. He does not confine himself to our timetable or limit himself to our puny understanding of what he intends to do. If you have eyes to see beyond your own problems, look up and you will see the hand of God at work.

Text: Jeremiah 29:10
Sermon Series: Survivor Babylon: How to Make the Best of a Bad Situation

I Am a Sinner Too: What Pastors Need to Remember

My text is Ecclesiastes 7:19-22: “Wisdom makes one wise man more powerful than ten rulers in a city. There is […]

Sermon Series: Chasing the Wind (Ecclesiastes)

If I Believe, Why Do I Doubt?

This is a sermon about a topic we rarely discuss in church. This is a sermon about doubt. As such, […]

Sermon Series: Standalone Messages

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