Joseph: A Teenager’s Dilemma

If you were given the opportunity to meet any person in the first Christmas story, who would you choose? I’ve […]

Text: Matthew 1:18-25
Sermon Series: Christmas Personalities

The Shepherd’s Gift

About the time I graduated from seminary in 1978, a leading Christian magazine published an article entitled, “Things They Didn’t […]

Text: Ephesians 4:11
Sermon Series: Spiritual Gifts

The Barnabas Factor

If someone were to give you a name indicative of your personality, what would it be? What nickname or adjective […]

Text: Romans 12:8
Sermon Series: Spiritual Gifts

We Have Come to Shechem

A few miles north of Jerusalem the remains of an ancient city nestle between two mountains. To get there you […]

Text: Joshua 24; Hebrews 13
Sermon Series: Our Mutual Covenant

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