Nightmare on Main Street

There is a remarkable resemblance between the world described in Romans 1 and the world we live in at the […]

Text: Romans 1:21-23
Sermon Series: God's Good News (Romans 1-4)

God’s Inerrant Word – Article A: The Scriptures

Allan Bloom begins his ground-breaking work, The Closing of the American Mind, this way: There is one thing a professor […]

Text: Various
Sermon Series: These Things We Believe

Do You Have the Courage to be Happy?

It started on a Friday night 17 years ago in Lansing, Michigan when a young sophomore came off the bench […]

Text: Matthew 5:3-12
Sermon Series: Wholly Living

The Gift that Never Grows Old

Some of you have heard this story, but it bears repeating. About 16 years ago some researchers decided to find […]

Text: Romans 12:8
Sermon Series: Spiritual Gifts

Make No Small Plans

Before we moved to Oak Park last August, someone gave us a copy of the Chicago Magazine’s Guide to Chicago. […]

Text: Various
Sermon Series: State of the Church Sermons

The Salt and Light Brigade

The year was 1970, the tail end of the wild period of modern American history. Dr. E. Stanley Jones, the […]

Text: Matthew 5:13-16
Sermon Series: Our Mutual Covenant

What the Bible Says About Homosexuality

Perhaps the place to begin this morning is with the simple confession that I did not want to preach this […]

Text: Various
Sermon Series: Critical Issues

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