You Can Do More Than You Think: God’s Answer to Despair

Here’s the Big Promise for today: Jesus will give you everything you need to do everything he calls you to do.

Sermon Series: Big Promises

You Can Move Mountains: God’s Answer to Impossibility

By yourself, you can never move a mountain, but God can. So ask him!

Sermon Series: Big Promises

The Coronavirus Pandemic: How Should We Respond?

Many people woke up this week to a world they never imagined.

Sermon Series: Coronavirus Chronicles

5 Steps to a Miracle

When King Jesus leads the way, the walls must come tumbling down.

Text: Joshua 5-6
Sermon Series: Joshua: Building the Future

Crossing Jordan

When God calls us to move forward into the unknown, we need not fear because he is already there.

Text: Joshua 3
Sermon Series: Joshua: Building the Future

Martin Luther’s Highway to Heaven

We stand with Martin Luther in proclaiming that salvation is by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone.

Text: Romans 1:16-17
Sermon Series: The Four ‘Solas’

Questions for God

God’s plan and yours are often not the same.

Text: Habakkuk 1:12-2:4
Sermon Series: Strong Faith for Confusing Times (Habakkuk)

The Shocking Servant

Jesus’ shocking death has sprinkled the nations with blood that will wash away every sin.

Text: Isaiah 52:13-15
Sermon Series: Isaiah 53

How Many Will Be Saved?

If our theology leads us to write off the majority of the human race as a hopeless cause, then perhaps we need to check our theology with the Bible.

Text: Luke 13:22-29
Sermon Series: Crucial Questions

Have You Been With Jesus?

The world cannot ignore a life truly changed by Christ.

Text: Acts 4:13
Sermon Series: Standalone Messages

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