Worthy is the Lamb

The glory of heaven is Jesus!

Text: Revelation 5
Sermon Series: The Deeper Meaning of the Cross

Happily Ever After

No matter how difficult your journey has been, God has promised an eternally happy ending for his children.

Text: Ruth 4:13-22
Sermon Series: Unexpected Grace (Ruth)

Dear Abby: Letter to a Young Mother

If harder days are ahead, we won’t have to walk through them alone.

Sermon Series: Coronavirus Chronicles

Asa: The King with Bad Feet

God is still looking for men and women whose hearts are fully committed to him.

Text: 2 Chronicles 14:1-15; 15; 16-1-9
Sermon Series: Kings on Parade

How Can I Be Filled With the Holy Spirit?

If we live another day without the Holy Spirit’s control in our lives, we have only ourselves to blame. God has made himself fully available to us. Have we made ourselves fully available to him?

Text: Ephesians 5:18
Sermon Series: Experiencing God Today: Six Sermons on the Holy Spirit

The Misunderstood Messiah

You can be wrong about many things and still go to heaven.
But you can’t be wrong about Jesus and go to heaven.

Text: Isaiah 53:1-3
Sermon Series: Isaiah 53

The Shocking Servant

Jesus’ shocking death has sprinkled the nations with blood that will wash away every sin.

Text: Isaiah 52:13-15
Sermon Series: Isaiah 53

Can You Trust God With the Details of Your Life?

The question is not "Can you?” but "Will you?”

Text: Genesis 50:20
Sermon Series: Nine Crucial Questions (Life of Joseph)

’Twas the Night Before Christmas

Christ came to die! Nothing else explains his birth.

Text: Hebrews 10:5-7
Sermon Series: Christmas Messages

How Will You Be Remembered?

Death cannot exhaust the promises of God.

Text: Genesis 50 & Hebrews 11
Sermon Series: Nine Crucial Questions (Life of Joseph)
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