New Message: “You are Forgiven”

Posted by on 4.30.20 in Sermons

Here’s the first message in the “Big Promises” series: You are Forgiven: God’s Answer to the Problem of Guilt. This […]

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Check Out the Audio Files for “Big Promises” Sermon Series

Posted by on 3.15.20 in Sermons

Here are the audio files for my messages at Word of Life Florida last week. I called my sermon series […]

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Good News: You Will Get Better!

Posted by on 3.13.20 in Sermons

Today we wrap up our series on “Big Promises: God Says You Are, You Have, You Can, You Will.” Even […]

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Big Promises

Posted by on 3.8.20 in Sermons

We arrived yesterday at Word of Life Florida in Hudson, a few miles north of Tampa. We’ll be here for […]

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New Message: “When God Comes Through for You”

Posted by on 2.12.20 in Sermons

Here’s a new message called When God Comes Through for You. We need this because “if you have a pulse, […]

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30 Free Thanksgiving Sermons!

Posted by on 11.11.19 in Sermons

We’ve put together a page with 30 Thanksgiving Day sermons. You can use this material to prepare your own messages, […]

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New Message: “The Gospel According to Boaz”

Posted by on 10.22.19 in Sermons

Here’s the fourth message from the book of Ruth: The Gospel According to Boaz. We need this because God never […]

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New Message: “How Providence Works”

Posted by on 10.10.19 in Sermons

Here’s the third message from the book of Ruth: How Providence Works. We need this because God did not bring […]

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New Message: “Back to Bethlehem”

Posted by on 10.3.19 in Sermons

Here’s the second message from the book of Ruth: Back to Bethlehem. Don’t give up on God just because things […]

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New Message: “When Trouble Comes”

Posted by on 9.24.19 in Sermons

Here’s a new message called When Trouble Comes. We need this because God knows what he’s doing even when we don’t […]

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