The Shocking Servant
by Ray Pritchard

Jesus’ shocking death has sprinkled the nations with blood that will wash away every sin.

Text: Isaiah 52:13-15
Sermon Series: Isaiah 53

How Many Will Be Saved?
by Ray Pritchard

If our theology leads us to write off the majority of the human race as a hopeless cause, then perhaps we need to check our theology with the Bible.

Text: Luke 13:22-29
Sermon Series: Crucial Questions

Have You Been With Jesus?
by Ray Pritchard

The world cannot ignore a life truly changed by Christ.

Text: Acts 4:13
Sermon Series: Standalone Messages

Believing and Receiving
by Brian Bill

When we believe we will receive.

Text: 1 John 3:19-24
Sermon Series: Confident Christianity (1 John)

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