How to Have Joy All Year Long

As we come to the end of another year, once again we find ourselves in a world filled with problems, […]

Text: Philippians 4:1-9
Sermon Series: Joyful Living (Philippians)

What Does the Bible Say About Divorce and Remarriage?

Perhaps the place to begin is with a few quotes taken from The Abolition of Marriage by Maggie Gallagher: “Over […]

Text: Matthew 19:1-12
Sermon Series: Sermons I Always Wanted To Hear

How Can I Learn to Forgive?

Here are some of the questions people asked about forgiveness: • What really is forgiveness? • How can one do […]

Text: Matthew 18:21-35
Sermon Series: Sermons I Always Wanted To Hear

How to Overcome Disappointment

On September 5, 1886, Charles Spurgeon began his sermon on our text with these incisive words: Satan is always doing […]

Text: Haggai 2:1-9
Sermon Series: Haggai

Sense and Nonsense About God’s Love

God’s love will never end because it depends on him, not on us.

Text: 1 John 4:8
Sermon Series: Our Awesome God

The 53rd Sunday

This morning I am interrupting my series in 1 Thessalonians to preach two sermons on the subject of Christian giving. […]

Text: 1 Chronicles 28-29
Sermon Series: Christian Giving

Is There a Servant in the House?

Servanthood should begin at home. If it doesn’t begin there, it probably won’t be seen anywhere.

Text: Ephesians 5:22-6:4
Sermon Series: Servants Unlimited

Deacons & Deaconesses: Servants of Christ

First images stay in the mind forever. Whenever I hear the word “deacon,” I always think of Hilliard Felton. He […]

Sermon Series: In Search of the Early Church

Portrait of a Godly Leader

We begin with the words of Robert Cook: “There is no substitute for character. You can buy brains, but you […]

Text: I Timothy 3; Titus 1
Sermon Series: Standalone Messages

Remarried and Happy at Last!

In your marriage and in your Christian life, it’s not law but love that matters: The law says, “You must.” Love says, “I want to.” Before you come to Christ, you are on a continual performance standard, trying to do more in order to win God’s approval. But through Christ you discover that God loves you in spite of your failure.

Text: Romans 7:1-6
Sermon Series: New Life In Christ (Romans 5-8)

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