Three Arrows at Sunrise

Several years ago a man named David Smith wrote a book that became very popular. The title tells you everything […]

Text: I Samuel 18-23
Sermon Series: Journey to the Throne: Meeting God in the Turning Points of Life (I Samuel 16 - II Samuel 1)

Playing with Fire: Can We Still Believe in Hell?

No one goes to hell except those who truly deserve to be there.

Text: Luke 16:19-31
Sermon Series: Final Questions: A Biblical View of Life After Death

But If Not

Even if we are not delivered from our troubles, we will not bow down.

Text: Daniel 3:17-18
Sermon Series: Daniel: Courageous Living in Turbulent Times

Dare to be a Daniel

The key to this passage is found in the very first verse: “But Daniel resolved …” The King James Version […]

Text: Daniel 1:8-21
Sermon Series: Daniel: Courageous Living in Turbulent Times

The Decision You Must Make

Christ has paid it all. He stands knocking at the door. What will your answer be?

Text: John 1:12-13
Sermon Series: How To Be Right With God

Ten Happy Years:

It all started late in 1988 when I was sitting at my desk at home in Garland, Texas wondering what […]

Text: Various
Sermon Series: State of the Church Sermons

Arrows From Heaven:

What a difference a day makes. Tuesday morning dawned bright and clear and peaceful in Littleton, Colorado. At Columbine High […]

Text: Psalm 127-128
Sermon Series: Heaven Help The Home

Making God’s A-Team

Let’s begin with a question that might be slightly embarrassing to some people. Do you like to read other people’s […]

Text: Philippians 2:19-30
Sermon Series: Joyful Living (Philippians)

Our Mutual Covenant

Down in Texas they say that football is a religion. But I ran across something the other day that made […]

Text: Acts 2:41-47
Sermon Series: Our Mutual Covenant

The Adventure Begins: How Jesus Works Through Ordinary People

Today we are beginning a brand-new sermon series from the book of Acts. I find myself excited as I think […]

Text: Acts 1:1
Sermon Series: The Adventure Begins (Acts 1)

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