We Believe, Therefore We Speak

May God give us preachers with some backbone who won’t back down. God deliver us from politically correct sermons and preachers who preach everything but the Word of God.

Text: 2 Corinthians 4:13-15
Sermon Series: Never Give Up! (2 Corinthians)

Always Dying, Always Living

We can live in such a way that others see Christ in us. But for that to happen we must be broken so that the light of Christ can come shining through us.

Text: 2 Corinthians 4:10-12
Sermon Series: Never Give Up! (2 Corinthians)

Death Defeated

Death was defeated when Jesus rose from the dead, and one day death will be no more.

Text: Revelation 1:18
Sermon Series: Easter Sermons

Korazin: Knowing Too Much and Believing Too Little

Don’t make the mistake of Korazin and take Jesus for granted. The day of grace comes to an end sooner or later. What will you say in the day of judgment if you have neglected the Son of God?

Text: Matthew 11:20-24
Sermon Series: Standalone Messages

Who is Jesus Christ?

Who is Jesus Christ? A good man? A great teacher? A revolutionary leader? Or is he the Christ, the Son of the Living God? Your eternal destiny hangs on your answer.

Text: Matthew 16:13-16
Sermon Series: What a Christian Believes

Kingdoms in Conflict

“Your kingdom come” is not a passive prayer. If you ever decide to make the kingdom of God the first priority in your life, you may not become a missionary, but you will become fundamentally different from the world around you.

Text: Matthew 6:10
Sermon Series: And When You Pray: The Deeper Meaning of The Lord’s Prayer

Are We All Hindus Now?

Christians must reassert the supernatural basis of the Christian faith. We must not stutter where God has spoken clearly. And we
must make clear the utterly exclusive claims of Jesus Christ.

Text: Exodus 20:1
Sermon Series: What a Christian Believes

How Good Christians Sometimes Do the Devil’s Work

As it was for Peter, so it will be for all of us. Our strengths and our weaknesses lie side by side. If we live on the level of our emotions, we may find ourselves actually opposing Jesus. If we think that our understanding equals God’s will, we are bound to fall into many grievous errors.

Text: Matthew 16:21-23
Sermon Series: Beyond Denial: Finding Ourselves in Peter’s Story

Can We Still Believe in Life After Death?

One day the Sadducees tried to trick Jesus with a very weird question. Jesus’ surprising answer teaches us a great deal about life after death. Our hope of the resurrection rests on the faithfulness of God. Our hope for the future rests not in science, not in speculation, not in some proof text, but in the character of God himself!

Text: Luke 20:27-40
Sermon Series: Close Encounters with Jesus

What Is Your Isaac?

From the story of Abraham offering Isaac, we learn that God calls us to yield our dearest treasures to him. Anything good can become an idol when it becomes too important to us. What is your Isaac? Are you willing to lay it down for Jesus’ sake?

Text: Hebrews 11:17-19
Sermon Series: Outrageous Faith

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