How Can I Discover God’s Will For My Life?

Have you ever wished you could have lunch with Jesus? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you got a phone call […]

Sermon Series: Knowing God's Will

Where Are the Nine?

It is a tribute to modern medicine that most of us know very little about the disease called leprosy. Most […]

Text: Luke 17:11-19
Sermon Series: Christian Giving

Ballistic Christianity

“Then He said to his disciples, ‘The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few…’ What did Jesus mean? He meant there were many people ready to be harvested for the Kingdom. All around us there are broken, bleeding, hurting people, ripped apart and left to die, they are ready to be reached if only someone will go to the harvest fields. If only someone will tell them about Jesus. Where are the harvest fields today? Let me name a few ….

Text: Matthew 9:35-38
Sermon Series: World Missions

Seven Signs Of The Second Coming

(Revised and Expanded January 9, 1991) The following things have happened in the last 72 hours: *Yesterday the Iraqi Revolutionary […]

Sermon Series: Critical Issues

God’s Freedom

While studying Romans 9, I was struck by Paul’s question in verse 14: “Is God unjust?” In our hearts we […]

Text: Romans 9:6-18
Sermon Series: Understanding God's Plan (Romans 9-11)

God’s Mountain Man

Last December right after the tsunami disaster, my friend Ramesh Richard, a professor at Dallas Seminary, sent an email that […]

Text: 1 Kings 17:1

If I Believe, Why Do I Doubt?

This is a sermon about a topic we rarely discuss in church. This is a sermon about doubt. As such, […]

Text: Mark 9:24
Sermon Series: Crucial Questions

Will Everyone Eventually Be Saved?

I can think of only four ways to answer the question raised in the title of this sermon: 1) Everyone […]

Text: II Peter 3:9
Sermon Series: Crucial Questions

The Triumphant Christ

This is the hardest passage in the New Testament. That’s what my Greek professor said when we were studying I […]

Text: 1 Peter 3:18-22
Sermon Series: Strangers in a Strange Land (1 Peter)

In His Steps

The Christian walk is synonymous with innocent suffering and pain, through which Christ our Lord suffered and died. He left us all an example of how to follow him in this. A Christian’s call to this behavior goes against the grain of his human tendencies: to suffer unjust treatment without retaliation, trusting only that God would be the judge of things ultimately. Jesus lived the sacrificial life to which he calls all his believers. It is a life that leads to the cross, and he has modeled how to live this sacrificial life for us. When we suffer unjustly, we share in a tiny portion of what happened to him. When we are mistreated, we are to turn the other check, bless those who curse us, and return good for evil. We are not to retaliate, not to threaten, not to get even. Jesus showed us how to live, and he showed us how to die. This response is a miracle in itself and is under girded and made possible only by the gift of grace from God.

Text: 1 Peter 2:21-25
Sermon Series: Strangers in a Strange Land (1 Peter)

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