Ballistic Christianity

“Then He said to his disciples, ‘The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few…’ What did Jesus mean? He meant there were many people ready to be harvested for the Kingdom. All around us there are broken, bleeding, hurting people, ripped apart and left to die, they are ready to be reached if only someone will go to the harvest fields. If only someone will tell them about Jesus. Where are the harvest fields today? Let me name a few ….

Text: Matthew 9:35-38
Sermon Series: World Missions

Grumblers Anonymous

This parable is not just teaching us about final rewards. It is also probing at the level of our motives. Why are we doing what we do? If it’s a straight reward you want, fine, you’ll get it. God will never cheat you. But that’s all you’ll get. And you’ll go to heaven grumbling all the way, always checking to see how you are doing compared with someone else – overestimating your own importance and underestimating the grace of God. But if you decide to do your work for the Lord’s sake alone, you will never be disappointed.

Text: Matthew 20:1-16
Sermon Series: Stories Jesus Told

God’s Multicultural Church

The term multicultural is much in the news these days. Politicians and social scientists use it to describe a certain […]

Text: Romans 15:7-13
Sermon Series: The Transformed Life (Romans 12-16)

What is a Christian?

A friend sent me an email telling about a question posed to her by a co-worker. Here is the exact […]

Text: 1 Thessalonians 1:4-10
Sermon Series: Living in the Last Days (1 Thessalonians)

Portrait of a Godly Pastor

In 1978 Michael Hart wrote a book called “The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential People in History.” In […]

Text: Romans 15:14-21
Sermon Series: The Transformed Life (Romans 12-16)

Arrows From Heaven

Ray: Here’s a scene from our house, circa 1989. It was 10 P.M. and Joshua and Mark had just returned […]

Sermon Series: Couples Conference 2007

How to Be a Leader People Want to Follow

To be credible means that you are believable. To be authentic means that you are genuine and real, not a fake or phony. Put the words together and a credible, authentic leader is someone who can be trusted because he is what he professes to be. He is the real deal, what you see is what you get.


What If

This sermon reveals the four disastrous consequnces if the resurrection is not true. If Christ did not rise from the dead, our preaching has no purpose, our faith has no forgiveness, our death has no deliverance, and our service has no significance.

Text: 1 Corinthians 15:12-20
Sermon Series: Easter Sermons

God Has a Bigger Plan

We serve a trans-generational God whose purposes span the centuries. He does not confine himself to our timetable or limit himself to our puny understanding of what he intends to do. If you have eyes to see beyond your own problems, look up and you will see the hand of God at work.

Text: Jeremiah 29:10
Sermon Series: Survivor Babylon: How to Make the Best of a Bad Situation

What Is Your Isaac?

From the story of Abraham offering Isaac, we learn that God calls us to yield our dearest treasures to him. Anything good can become an idol when it becomes too important to us. What is your Isaac? Are you willing to lay it down for Jesus’ sake?

Text: Hebrews 11:17-19
Sermon Series: Outrageous Faith

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