Let’s Read the Bible! February 9 (Matthew 20-22)
by Ray Pritchard

Download a PDF schedule for the entire year and then join us each day as we read through the Bible […]


The Power of Earnest Prayer
by Brian Bill

God often does the unexpected when we’re earnest in prayer.

Text: Acts 12:1-19
Sermon Series: On Mission

Grumblers Anonymous
by Ray Pritchard

This parable is not just teaching us about final rewards. It is also probing at the level of our motives. Why are we doing what we do? If it’s a straight reward you want, fine, you’ll get it. God will never cheat you. But that’s all you’ll get. And you’ll go to heaven grumbling all the way, always checking to see how you are doing compared with someone else – overestimating your own importance and underestimating the grace of God. But if you decide to do your work for the Lord’s sake alone, you will never be disappointed.

Text: Matthew 20:1-16
Sermon Series: Stories Jesus Told

The Mother of Two Sons: Christ Speaks to the Problem of Misguided Ambition
by Ray Pritchard

There are two tragedies in life. One is to lose your heart’s desire. The other is to gain it.

Text: Matthew 20:20-28
Sermon Series: Conversations with Jesus: Christ Speaks to Modern Problems

Servanthood: The Mark of Authentic Leadership
by Ray Pritchard

Warren Bennis is an educator, a philosopher, an author, a scholar and a keen observer of the American scene. These […]

Text: Various
Sermon Series: Servants Unlimited