Let’s Read the Bible! March 20 (Mark 4-6)
by Ray Pritchard

Download a PDF schedule for the entire year and then join us each day as we read through the Bible […]


The Drawing Power of Jesus
by Brian Bill

Have you ever noticed that grandparents love to show pictures of their grandchildren to every one they meet?  It’s like […]

Text: Mark 6:45-56

Give Them Something to Eat
by Ray Pritchard

When we have nothing, God gives us so much that we have plenty to share with others.

Text: Mark 6:37
Sermon Series: Give Them Something to Eat

The Dubious Disciples: Christ Speaks to the Problem of Limited Faith
by Ray Pritchard

Most of us are quick to see what we can’t do and quick to talk about what we don’t have.

Text: Mark 6:32-44
Sermon Series: Conversations with Jesus: Christ Speaks to Modern Problems