Let’s Read the Bible! January 4 (Genesis 12-15)
by Ray Pritchard

Download a PDF schedule for the entire year and then join us each day as we read through the Bible […]


Fear Not!
by Ray Pritchard

No one knows what a day may bring. Who knows if we will all make it through this week? But our God is faithful to keep every one of his promises.

Text: Genesis 15:1
Sermon Series: Keep Believing

God the Lord (Adonai)
by Brian Bill

This week I saw someone I don’t know real well and called out her name.  I thought I got it […]

Text: Genesis 15:2
Sermon Series: What God Goes By

How to Overcome Fear
by Ray Pritchard

Can God be trusted? More and more I am convinced that this is the fundamental question of life: “Is God good and can he be trusted to do what is right?” If the answer is yes, then we can face the worst that life has to offer. If the answer is no, then we’re no better off than the people who have no faith at all.

Text: Genesis 15
Sermon Series: Adventures with Abraham (Genesis 12-25)