Israel Trip—Day 8

Posted by on 1.25.07 in Israel

On this final day of our tour, we started early and never really stopped. Abed wanted to make sure we saw absolutely everything possible before returning home. First we stopped to see some genuine cedars of Lebanon, planted over a hundred years ago at a mission hospital. The cedars are notable because their branches grow st …

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Israel Trip—Day 6

Posted by on 1.23.07 in Israel

Grand Court Hotel, JerusalemYesterday I noted that tours have a rhythm. They start with a burst of energy, settle down into a daily routine, and then pick up again as we enter the final few days. That certainly happened today as we paid our first visit to Old Jerusalem. In order, these are the sites we visited:David’s …

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Israel Trip—Day 5

Posted by on 1.23.07 in Israel

Grand Court Hotel, Jerusalem A tour always takes on a rhythm of its own. In the beginning and for several days, adrenaline keeps everyone running in overdrive. Eventually a combination of jet lag and sheer fatigue from the long days leads to a bit of a slowdown. This is entirely natural, and in large part is due to the fac …

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Israel Trip—Day 4

Posted by on 1.22.07 in Israel

Grand Court Hotel, JerusalemThis morning we started in Tiberius on the Sea of Galilee and ended after sundown in Jerusalem, the holy city of God. After two days of very good weather, things changed as thunderstorms moved across northern Israel, bringing wind and a few periods of driving rain. Undaunted, our band of pilgrims …

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Israel Trip—Day 3

Posted by on 1.20.07 in Israel

Caesar Resort Hotel, Tiberius, IsraelOn the shores of the Sea of GalileeToday we hopscotched across northern Galilee, visiting the valley beneath Mt. Arbel where Jesus would have walked on his journey from Nazareth to Capernaum. Then we saw the amazing “Jesus Boat,” an actual fishing boat dating from the time of Christ that …

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Israel Trip—Day 2

Posted by on 1.19.07 in Israel

Caesar Resort Hotel, Tiberius, IsraelOn the shores of the Sea of GalileePerhaps this day is best summed up by a moment that passed quickly, almost unnoticed, but somehow it sticks in the mind. It was the middle of the afternoon, and we were hot and tired and our brains were exploding from all the information Abed, our omnic …

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Israel Trip—Day 1

Posted by on 1.18.07 in Israel, Uncategorized

Dan Panorama Hotel, Tel Aviv, IsraelAt this moment we have been up for thirty hours straight. That’s approximately how long it took to get from Tupelo, Mississippi to Tel Aviv, Israel. We made the trip with only two glitches. When we boarded the Turkish Airline flight in Chicago, Rose Sullivan lost her passport. After …

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Time to Go to the Holy Land

Posted by on 1.17.07 in Israel, Uncategorized

I’m writing this note at 12:46 AM. We leave for the Holy Land in six hours so I’m going to have to go to bed soon. But before I do, I simply reflect on how this trip came about. In the long view of things, it started forty-five years ago, when my childhood pastor, J.O. Colley, took a trip to the Holy Land. When …

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Mark Wants You on the Holy Land Tour

Posted by on 11.16.06 in Israel

Writing from China, Mark explains why you need to sign up for the Holy Land tour (January 17-26)

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All Aboard for the Holy Land!

Posted by on 11.15.06 in Israel

Our Holy Land tour leaves in 62 days, 21 hours, 8 minutes, 4 seconds—according to the counter on Mark’s China blog. He will be flying from Shanghai and meeting our tour group in Tel Aviv. The rest of our group will be flying from Chicago, Atlanta or New York.I mention this to say that time is running out for you to s …

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