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God’s Medicine for a Sick World - Romans 13:8-10

Love is the medicine for a sick and fallen world. We need to see love and feel love and experience it in our lives. And we need to know how to pass it along to others. This is the fulfillment of all that God asks of us. More

Unfading Glory - 2 Corinthians 3:7-11

You can have the fading glory of the law and all you’ll get for it is death and condemnation. Or you can come to Christ and you will have the unfading glory of life and righteousness forever. More

Whatever Became of Sin? - Romans 7:7-13

In 1990, Life Magazine published an article naming the 100 most significant individuals of the 20th century. Many of the names are familiar, but one may be new to you—Karl Menninger. You may not recognize his name unless you are a student of modern psychiatry. Dr. Menninger wrote a number of very influential books, probably none more influential to the modern consciousness than a book he wrote some 20 years ago entitled What More

Where Grace and Wrath Meet - Romans 3:24-26

God is fully satisfied with the work of his Son. Those who come to him find that their sins are forgiven forever. More

Remarried and Happy at Last! - Romans 7:1-6

In your marriage and in your Christian life, it’s not law but love that matters: The law says, “You must.” Love says, “I want to.” Before you come to Christ, you are on a continual performance standard, trying to do more in order to win God’s approval. But through Christ you discover that God loves you in spite of your failure. More

The Torn Curtain - Matthew 27:51

The cross reveals the great heart of God, and that heart is filled with love. More

How God Saves Sinners: Coming to Grips with Justification by Faith - Galatians 2:15-21

I’d like to begin this message with a statement of the problem we all face. When I use the phrase “we all,” I’m referring to the entire human race. There is a problem so fundamental that it is at the root of all the other problems we have. Stated in one sentence, it goes like this: God is righteous and we are not. There are many other ways to say it but they all end up in the same place:God is holy and we are More

Two Ways to Go to Heaven: Make Sure You Choose the Right One - Galatians 3:1-14

With this sermon we turn a corner in our journey through Galatians. This short letter has three parts:The Personal Section: Chapters 1-2The Doctrinal Section: Chapters 3-4The Practical Section: Chapters 5-6As we begin the Doctrinal Section of the book, I need to tell you that there are some verses that are fairly intricate and some arguments that are hard for us to understand. But the main point of the entire letter is very clear. Pa More

When Jesus Comes to Church - Revelation 2:1-7

How easy it is to substitute knowledge for a warm heart toward Jesus. How quickly we justify our hard hearts by pointing to all our well-intentioned religiosity. More

Korazin: Knowing Too Much and Believing Too Little - Matthew 11:20-24

Don’t make the mistake of Korazin and take Jesus for granted. The day of grace comes to an end sooner or later. What will you say in the day of judgment if you have neglected the Son of God? More

A Warning to Wine-Drinkers - Romans 14:13-23

Christian Liberty - You are free! Absolutely free. Christ has liberated you from the terrible burden of having to prove your worth by keeping a set of rules. You are free from the law, free from rule keeping, and free to make responsible choices. God has set you free so that you can please him with the choices you make. More

Faith-Yes! The Law-No! - Romans 4:13-17

This is my 15th and next-to-last sermon on Romans 1-4. In just two weeks we’ll begin a new series on the Ten Commandments. It’s appropriate to mention that now, because we’re talking about the law of God in this message. Paul’s great concern in our text is to show that no one is saved by keeping the law of God—not even by keeping the Ten Commandments. That’s really the chief problem we face wheneve More

How to Kill a New Christian - Part 1 - Romans 14:1-12

Part 1. There are many ways to kill the faith of a new Christian, but the easiest way - and the quickest - is through criticism and a lack of acceptance. We all have a tendency to criticize people who don’t do or say things the way we think they ought to be said or done. Terrible things can happen when we are too quick to offer personal judgments on believers who don’t meet our personal standards. How can we overcome the impulse to criticize our brother More

How to Kill a New Christian - Part 2 - Romans 14:1-12

Christians have always disagreed - a lot! And it’s not a bad thing. But there is always a danger that our own personal preferences will grow so important that we no longer accept our brothers and sisters in the Lord who disagree with us. The great unifying factor for the people of God is the Lord Jesus Christ. He has broken down the wall that separated us from God and from one another. In Him we are joined together in the body of Christ. If we truly believe More

Born Free: Seven Promises You Can Count On - Galatians 3:15-4:11

The book of Galatians is all about how we can be right with God. Paul wrote this little “emergency letter” to remind us that being right with God is about believing, not achieving. Salvation is not about going to church, being religious, trying harder, or turning over a new leaf. You can’t purchase a ticket to heaven by doing good in this life. And God isn’t impressed by our efforts at self-improvement. That&r More

The Lawyer Who Wanted a Loophole: Christ Speaks to the Problem of Religious Hypocrisy - Luke 10:25-37

It was just after 3:00 a.m. when the young woman pulled her red Fiat into a parking space near her apartment. She got out of the car, locked it, and began the 100-foot walk to her front door. She never made it. Spotting a man standing in her path, she veered away, heading for a police call box. She never made it to the call box either. The man grabbed her and stabbed her. Her frantic screams for help pierced the night. Lights began t More

How to be a Godly Rebel - Romans 13:1-7

Winston Churchill once remarked that “democracy is the worst form of government until you consider the alternatives.” How true. Democracy is messy and difficult and maddeningly slow because it depends on the will of the people. But who among us would prefer to live under a dictatorship? The recent elections make it clear that democracy doesn’t always work the way we would like it to work. Sometimes the “wron More

The God-Dependent Life - 2 Corinthians 3:4-6

While living in this flesh, we face the same limitations as others do. We keep going because our confidence is on God, not in ourselves. More

The Seventh Law: What God Starts, He Finishes

We begin with the words of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the German pastor whose opposition to Adolph Hitler during World War II finally landed him in jail. Shortly before the end of the war, the Nazis put him to death. His best-known writings include The Cost of Discipleship and Life Together. At one point he pondered what it means to live in wartime while still believing in the promises of God. These are his words: “There remains for More

What Happens to Those Who Never Heard About Jesus? - Romans 2:12

No question is more central to the missionary enterprise than the state of those without Christ. Are they really lost? Are those who never hear also lost? And that raises an important question. How can God send people to hell for not believing in Jesus, if they never even heard of him in the first place? More

The Second Law: God Doesn't Need Us But We Desperately Need Him

Last Sunday we started a new sermon series called The Seven Laws of the Spiritual Life. In this series we are discovering the basic principles of the Christian life that meet us where we are and take us all the way to heaven. The First Law teaches us a fundamental truth: He’s God and We’re Not. All spiritual reality must begin at this point. Until we have settled the issue of who’s God and who’s not, we’ More

No Condemnation - Romans 8:1-4

Do you have a favorite chapter of the Bible? That is, do you have a chapter that is so special to you, that if you could only choose one, this would be the one that you would choose? About 40 years ago Dr. Donald Gray Barnhouse decided to ask a group of Christian leaders to name their favorite chapter of the Bible. So he wrote 20 Christian leaders and asked them this question: If you were shipwrecked on a desert island, and could More

A Time to Disobey - Daniel 3

Is it ever right for a Christian to disobey the law? Or are we always obligated to obey the law under all circumstances? What do you say? What does the Bible say?More and more we are faced with this question—not as an abstract idea but as a live possibility. My own personal background leads me to say no to the first question. I was taught that there are no circumstances where a Christian might be justified in breaking the law. More

Nothing Shall Offend Them: A Message for Unhappy, Irritated, and Bent-Out-of-Shape Christians - Psalm 119:165

For our final message in this short series from Psalm 119, I want to look at a verse I first learned in Mrs. Sandberg’s British Literature class 30 years ago. As she began class one day, she read a verse of Scripture that had been particularly meaningful to her. Then she quoted Psalm 119:165 from the King James Version, “Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them.” I am sure I had never More

A Tale of Two Women: Are You a Child of Promise? - Galatians 4:21-31

Almost all the commentators agree that this is the hardest passage in the book of Galatians. It’s not easy to understand on a quick reading exactly what Paul means to say. Or perhaps more accurately, we know in general terms what he is trying to say; it’s how he says it that trips us up. For that reason, many people skip right over these verses so they can get to the “good stuff” in chapter 5, especially the p More

The Only Thing That Matters: Faith That Works By Love - Galatians 5:1-12

These are the closing words of the Declaration of Independence:We, therefore, the Representatives of the United States of America, in General Congress, Assembled, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the World for the Rectitude of our Intentions, do, in the Name, and by the Authority of the good People of these Colonies, solemnly Publish and Declare, That these United Colonies are, and of Right ought to be, Free and Independent States; More

Mr. I.M. Okay Meets His Maker - Romans 2:1-16

No statement is regarded as more elementary to the student of the Bible than the statement that a day of judgment is coming for the human race. Hebrews 9:27 says, “Man is destined to die once and after that to face judgment.” That statement, as elementary as it might seem, is desperately needed in our time for we live in an age when men doubt that Judgment Day is coming. Ours is an age of relativism, of pluralism, of tole More

Adoption: Plenty of Room in the Family

When Leslie Lynch King, Jr. died earlier this week, it made headlines around the world. Commentators talked about his legacy, and in the United States flags were lowed to half-staff in his honor. That always happens when a president dies.But who was President King? You can’t find any record of a man by that name occupying the White House. But he did. Leslie Lynch King, Jr. served as president during a crisis moment in American More

God Plays No Favorites - Romans 3:27-31

Every good teacher knows that the first law of learning is repetition. Say it, then say it again, then in case they didn’t get it, say it again. Say it loudly, whisper it softly, say it plainly, say it in English, then say it in Spanish. Whatever it takes, say it over and over and over again, until they finally get it. Then say it one more time, just to make certain they really “get it.” Why is repetition so importa More

The Woman Caught in the Act: Christ Speaks to the Problem of a Judgmental Spirit - John 8:1-11

"It is a terrible thing for a sinner to fall into the hands of his fellow sinners.” F. B. MeyerThis is the story of Jesus and the woman taken in adultery. It is so popular that even those who rarely read the Bible know about it. Clarence McCartney comments that the great museums of Europe always have at least one work of art based on the dramatic moment when our Lord and an adulterous woman came face to face. Our text also cont More

The Third Law: What God Demands, He Supplies

In this sermon series we’re looking at the basic laws of the spiritual life that apply to all Christians everywhere. These are the principles that every Christian needs to know because they meet you right where you are and then take you all the way home to heaven. The First Law states a fundamental reality: He’s God and We’re Not. Get this and everything else in life will begin to fall into place. Skip this and noth More

Branded for Christ: A Solemn Call to Glory in the Cross - Galatians 6:11-18

Six months after we started, we come at last to the end of our journey through the book of Galatians. It has been an exciting trip! Time and again we have been brought face to face with the grace of God as the only hope of our salvation. Along the way we have seen a side of Paul that is rarely found in his other letters. There he teaches and exhorts. Here he warns and pleads. This is an emergency letter written under great pressure t More

The Fifth Law: Active Faith Releases God's Power - Hebrews 11

Let’s begin by reviewing the first four laws of the spiritual life:Law 1: He’s God and We’re Not.Law 2: God Doesn’t Need Us But We Desperately Need Him.Law 3: What God Demands, He Supplies.Law 4: What You Seek, You Find.Each law covers a major area of our relationship with God and leads to a personal response. Once we know that God is God and we are not, we submit ourselves to his authority. This principle lea More

The Only Way to Be Right With God - Romans 3:21-26

This morning we are considering the greatest question in the world—How can a man be right with God? It is the supreme problem of life. No more important question could ever be asked.Every sincere person asks this question. Every sincere Methodist asks, “How can a man be right with God?” Every sincere Presbyterian asks, “How can a man be right with God?” Every sincere Catholic asks, “How can a man b More

Can a Person Be Too Religious? - Romans 2:17-29

We begin this study with the question posed in the title: “Can a Person Be Too Religious?” On one hand, the question seems to imply a Yes answer. Certainly some people, the question seems to say, are too religious. Therefore, let’s make the question more personal. Is it possible that you are too religious? That’s a horse of a different color. It takes the question out of the theoretical and forces you to think More

Four Cracked Pots - Hebrews 11:32

God honors faith, and he seeks it so much that he will honor people who otherwise do some very stupid things. He uses flawed people to accomplish his will so that when the victory comes, he alone gets the glory. More

Risky Business: The Other Side of Christian Freedom - Galatians 5:13-15

"It is for freedom that Christ has set us free” (Galatians 5:1a). What exactly is this Christian freedom that Paul talks so much about in Galatians? In order to help us understand the answer, I’d like to borrow a definition and an illustration used by Pastor John Piper of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Freedom is the opportunity, ability, and the desire to do that which will give you the most joy 10,0 More

How to Tame Lions - Daniel 6

The story of Daniel in the lion’s den is one of the best-known and best-loved stories in all the Bible. Little children love it and Sunday school teachers love to tell it. In the days of slavery this story became the basis of many Negro spirituals. It has encouraged the people of God for thousands of years. And why shouldn’t it? The story is filled with unexpected twists and turns and the good guy wins big and the bad guy More

God's Simple Plan of Salvation - Romans 10:5-13

This is a very familiar passage of Scripture. Most of us know certain parts of it by heart. I have asked the Lord to do me a favor and not let me say anything new. I don’t want to say anything you haven’t already heard. All I want to do is reinforce a truth that you already know to be true so that you will know that it is still true and so that you believe it more than you already do.Many years ago I learned a simple pres More

The First Law: He's God and We're Not

This is the first sermon in a new series called “The Seven Laws of the Spiritual Life.” For the last few years I have been thinking about putting together a short list of the basic principles of the Christian life. What are those truths that every believer needs to know in order to have a healthy relationship with God? This project turned into a lengthy personal journey that took me to all parts of the Bible. I wanted a s More

The Fourth Law: What You Seek, You Find - Matthew 6:33

In this sermon series we are looking at the Seven Laws of the Spiritual Life. These “laws” are not exactly doctrines, not exactly duties,not exactly promises and not exactly rules. Each one represents a major truth that Christians need to know. They are like pillars that hold up a large building. Here are the first three: The First Law: He’s God and We’re Not.The Second Law: God Doesn’t Need Us But We De More

Choose Life! - Deuteronomy 30:19-20

Whoever occupies the Oval Office for the next four years will make decisions that will guide our nation far into the future. Which way will we go? How should we make up our minds? This sermon argues that we should “choose life” by taking our Christian convictions with us into the voting booth. More

Serving God in an Unbelieving World - 1 Peter 2:13-17

We are to submit to all those in authority over us. As Americans, when we read that we are to submit to the king, we tend to dismiss that thought since we haven’t had a king since 1776. What does Peter mean when he says we are to submit “for the Lord’s sake"? It means that there is a direct connection between the people in authority over us, and God who is the Ultimate Authority. More

The Blessing and Burden of an Utterly Predictable Life - Daniel 6

Be of good cheer! Do not fear your enemies and do not fear what they can do to you. Remember the story of Daniel and pray for the same kind of utterly predictable faith. More

Are You Excited About Your Future? - John 8:1-11

Are you an optimist or a pessimist? When you look at the glass of water, is it half-full or half-empty? When you face the trials and problems of life, do you face them with hope or with despair?There’s a big difference between an optimist and a pessimist. Some wag put it this way: Between the optimist and the pessimist, the difference is droll. The optimist sees the doughnut, the pessimist sees the More

To Tithe Or Not To Tithe - Various

There are certain problems a pastor faces whenever he talks about the subject of giving. Chief among those problems is the problem of boredom. People feel like they already know what he is going to say before he says it. Perhaps you’ve heard the story of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, that great charismatic leader, who grew weary from having to be in so many receiving lines at the White House. He felt that many times p More

Stumbling Stone or Cornerstone? - Romans 9:30-33

Last week’s sermon was called Straight Talk About Predestination. If I were giving someone else advice, I would say that a title like that is just asking for trouble. I think it’s called leading with your chin. It’s hard to think of many topics that get people hot and bothered faster than the whole question of God’s sovereignty and our free will. I received a note from a friend who said that she had never thou More

Why Good People Won't Go to Heaven - Romans 10:1-4

I’d like to talk to you about who goes to heaven. We all know that the Bible teaches the reality of heaven and the reality of hell. Jesus himself spoke of both places many times. All of us, I’m sure, would like to go to heaven if we could. Even if you are not a Christian, I’m sure if given a choice, you would choose heaven, whatever it is and wherever it is. I begin with a very simple observation. Not everyone More

The Cradle And The Cross: Simeon's Song - Luke 2:25-35

It’s a good question, isn’t it? If Jesus were born today, would it be any different than it was 2,000 years ago? We like to think the answer is yes, that we would be ready, that we wouldn’t make the mistake of turning the Son of God away. There would be room in our inn, we confidently say. We’d find room, or make room, or maybe we’d throw somebody out of their room, but in any case, we’d be rea More

"How Sweet Are Your Words": Learning to Love the Word of God - Psalm 119:97-104

This year at Calvary we are attempting to read through the entire Bible together. For those who are on the “Bible Bus,” today we are reading Genesis 25-26 and Matthew 13. That means we are reading about Isaac and Ishmael and the beginning of the story of Jacob and Esau. Plus we are reading the wonderful Parables of the Kingdom from the lips of our Lord. All week long I’ve been receiving e-mail messages from folks wh More

I Am the Lord

IN leviticus,there is a setence :I am the LORD.It appears many times ,so ,my question is :why it apears so frequntly.

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He’s God and We’re Not: The Seven Laws of the Spiritual Life

All spirituality flows from a correct
perspective of God, and all
heresy begins with a
misunderstanding of God.

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