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Why I Believe

Beyond the Crystal Ball: Why I Believe in the Second Coming of Christ

Various – December 31, 1995

Consider the events of the last few weeks: *In Washington, the government shut-down has entered its sixteenth day, with no end in sight. While politicians argue where to place the blame, hundreds of thousands of workers remain idle. *In Israel, a religious Jew shot and killed Prime Minister Yitzak Rabin, a crime motivated in part […]

Payday Someday: Why I Believe in Heaven and Hell

Various – November 26, 1995

This morning we come face to face with the most basic question of all: What happens when we die? For thousands of years men and women have pondered this question and offered differing answers. The materialist says that there is no such thing as a soul or spirit so that when we die, we simply […]

Postcards From the Edge: Why I Believe in Angels and Demons

Various – November 19, 1995

Angels are in. In the words of the Wall Street Journal, “after a hiatus of almost 300 years and much skepticism, angels are making a comeback.” A recent survey confirmed this fact: 58% of Americans in households making over $50,000 believe in angels, as do 55% of college graduates, 54% of working mothers and 51% […]

Did Mickey Mantle Go to Heaven? Why I Believe in the Forgiveness of Sin

Various – November 12, 1995

Like many others of my generation, Mickey Mantle was a household when I grew up. Back then, in the late fifties and early sixties, he was one of the most famous sports figures in America. Schoolboys by the millions imitated his swing and dreamed of the day when they could make it to the big […]

Darwin’s Delusion: Why I Believe in Creation

November 5, 1995

If we start with the biblical record, we find it fundamentally incompatible with evolutionary naturalism. Three words summarize where we come from–created, not evolved. We need to teach those three words to our children and make them a bulwark of our own personal faith.

The God We Hardly Know: Why I Believe in the Holy Spirit

Various – October 29, 1995

David Mains caught me off guard with his question. “If you had to grade your congregation on their knowledge of the Holy Spirit, what grade would you give them?” The interview, broadcast nationally on the program You Need to Know, centered around my book Names of the Holy Spirit. I got the interview because they […]

Liar, Lord or Lunatic: Why I Believe in Jesus Christ

Various – October 22, 1995

Several years ago someone wrote a book called The Many Faces of Jesus. It happened to be the book Elvis Presley was reading when he died in Memphis, Tennessee. That title stands as a fitting symbol of the confusion surrounding Jesus in our time. Last month several thousand people filled Moody Memorial Church in Chicago […]

Bestseller and More: Why I Believe in the Bible

Various – October 15, 1995

We begin with the simple observation that the Bible is the best-selling book of all time. More copies have been printed in more languages and read by more people than any other book in history. It is so far out in front of every other book ever written that it stands in a category all […]

A Message For Madalyn Murray O’Hair: Why I Believe in God

Various – October 8, 1995

Forty years ago, Madalyn Murray O’Hair stood amid the lightning and driving rain of a Maryland thunderstorm, shook her fist at the heavens, and dared God to strike her dead. When it became clear that the Almighty was busy with more important matters, she cried out, “You see! You see! If God exists, he would […]

Ready to Give an Answer

I Peter 3:15 – September 17, 1995

Christianity is true. Therefore, we have nothing to lose and everything to gain by a careful examination of what we believe and why we believe it. We need hard-nosed, tough-minded, open-eyed faith.

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