How to Put on the Armor of God

Do you believe in the devil? Not everyone does. Many who believe in God don’t believe in the devil. When […]

Text: Ephesians 6:10-18
Sermon Series: Soul Food: Ephesians for the 21st-Century

The Painful Truth About Spiritual Growth

If you are willing to let the truth hurt you, you will be set free.

Text: Luke 3:9
Sermon Series: John the Baptist

Four Portraits of Faithful Ministry

The question seemed simple enough. “Do you have any wisdom you could share with us?” I was eating with some […]

Text: Luke 3:7-20
Sermon Series: John the Baptist

The Positive Power of a Plainspoken Preacher

So what can we say about the American church eighteen months into this pandemic? What is the real state of […]

Text: Matthew 3; Mark 1; Luke 3
Sermon Series: John the Baptist

How God Does the Impossible

Our unbelief cannot cancel God’s promises!

Text: Luke 1
Sermon Series: John the Baptist

A Man Sent from God

John the Baptist was a radical man. We could use a few more like him today.

Text: John 1:6-8
Sermon Series: John the Baptist

But God is Faithful!

We can trust him today. We can trust him tomorrow. Fear not, child of God.
We can trust him when we take our last breath because our God is faithful.

Text: Lamentations 3:22-23
Sermon Series: Standalone Messages

What’s So Good About Good Friday?

Good Friday didn’t seem very good. If we had been in Jerusalem on that fateful day, this is what we […]


Worthy is the Lamb

The glory of heaven is Jesus!

Text: Revelation 5
Sermon Series: The Deeper Meaning of the Cross

Three New Perspectives That Can Change Your Life

“Lord Jesus, you have made me a new creation. Help me to live like it today. Amen.”

Text: 2 Corinthians 5:16-17
Sermon Series: Never Give Up! (2 Corinthians)
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