You Can’t Rush the River

March 20, 2005

You Can’t Rush the River by Ray Pritchard Several friends are about to make job changes and major career moves. In more than one case it means leaving this area for another part of the country; sometimes it means leaving a job with no certainty about a future paycheck. Since I’ve been in both situations myself, I know how unsettling it can be. Many years ago, my friend Jerry Hansen gave me a piece of advice for handling moments like this. The human tendency is to look at change as bad and to value stability above everything else. It’s true that moving to Montana (or wherever) is going to mean an abrupt change in scenery, and it probably also means you’re going to have to start at ground zero making new friends, finding a new church, and putting your children in a new school. That’s not easy and it won’t happen overnight. It may take months or even a year or two before you truly feel settled and “at home”

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