Will You Be One of the 1000 on March 26?

March 3, 2012

The first Keep Believing broadcast to China begins in a little over three weeks. On Monday, March 26, at 7 PM in China, we will broadcast our first program from the Trans World Radio facilities on Guam.

7 PM in China equals 7 AM in New York, Atlanta, and Hudson, Florida.
That’s 6 AM in Tupelo, Dallas, and Chicago.
It’s 5 AM in Denver, Santa Fe,and Rudyard, Montana.
That’s an eye-opening 4 AM in Reno, Nevada, Whittier, California, and Cannon Beach, Oregon.

We’re asking God to raise up 1000 people to pray with us at the exact hour the first broadcast goes on the air. So far we’ve heard from friends around the world. Last week hundreds of people at Word of Life Florida picked up prayer cards. 

We’ve heard from friends in India, Japan, Tanzania, South Africa, and in many other countries saying they are joining us on March 26.

I believe God is assembling a mighty prayer army around the world. 

Will you be one of the 1000 on March 26? 

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