Why Good People Won’t Go to Heaven

May 20, 2006

7:29 PM Here’s something exciting. One of my biggest burdens (definitely connected to the start of Keep Believing Ministries) has been to see An Anchor for the Soul published in Spanish. Over the years we have had many, many requests for a Spanish version, and for various reasons it has not happened. Meanwhile we distributed nearly 400,000 copies of the English version in prisons, military ministry and disaster relief. I had completely forgotten that last year, I gave copies of Anchor to the men at the GPA last June. When I introduced Victor to Vern Peterson, the head of Editorial Patmos, Victor saw the English copy of An Anchor for the Soul and said, “Are you going to publish that in Spanish?” Vern said they wanted to, whereupon Victor said, “This is a wonderful book. I would like to help make it available in Spanish.” I just stood aside and marveled at the threads of God’s tapestry. Ramesh Richard invited me to teach at GPA where I gave away copies of Anchor, and when Vern invited me to Expolit, I accepted partly in hopes of seeing Anchor published in Spanish, and then I “happened” to meet Victor from the D.R. in the hallway at Expolit, and he “happened” to be there when Vern was discussing Anchor, which led Victor to give a spontaneous endorsement. Little threads woven together by the Master Designer. When Anchor finally comes out in Spanish, it will not be by the hand of man but by the hand of God.
7:27 PM This afternoon I was on my way to speak at a seminar when I heard someone say, “Pastor Ray.” It turned out to be Victor Arias from the Dominican Republic at the Global Proclamation Academy (GPA) in Dallas last June. He greeted me warmly and then he and his wife and a friend attended the seminar. He invited me to come speak in the D.R., which I hope to do someday.
7:20 PM I love Expolit. After years of going to CBA (the huge Christian booksellers convention), Expolit is a breath of fresh air. I met LaRae Weikert from Harvest House today and she felt the same way. CBA has become so business-oriented and so market-driven that it’s a chore. You go to meet people, but you often leave feeling that’s it’s basically all business all the time. Perhaps the Hispanic focus makes Expolit unique. But there is a sense of celebration, joy, and a family feeling here. There are young people galore. Where do they all come from? Plus there is music, music, music everywhere. The exhibition hall was a cacophony of sounds. People talking, chatting, laughing, and radio and TV interviews going on with loud Latin music in the background. People seemed to be genuinely having a good time. When I came yesterday, I wondered how I would fit in, but I’ve had a blast here. Lots more fun than CBA.
11:11 AM Yesterday I received this note from a friend in New Jersey:

Your message this week mentioned apologetics, which sparked my interest. I have long felt that I need to be better equipped to explain or defend the Gospel. I am finished with my Bible study til the fall and I would like an independent study to carry me through the summer. Can you recommend a book or study that teaches apologetics?

There are plenty of excellent resources in this area. Here are two of my favorites:
Total Truth by Nancy Pearcey. Lots of books on apologetics focus on particular problems, but Pearcey goes much deeper and analyzes the cultural trends that have moved us away from any concept of truth. She also shows what happens in society when truth no longer mattes.
Handbook of Apologetics by Peter Kreeft. This book offers persuasive answers for hundreds of questions asked by believers and non-believers alike. Kreeft has the gift of making complex issues understandable.
11:10 AM Brian Bill’s latest sermon on the Da Vinci Code is called The Women in Jesus’ Life.
11:09 AM The latest sermon from the series “Understanding God’s Plan” has just been posted:
Why Good People Won’t Go to Heaven
11:08 AM It’s a gorgeous day here in Miami. Bright, sunny skies, a little ocean breeze, temps in the high 70s. I’m saying that by faith because that’s how it looks out my hotel window.

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