“It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick” (Luke 5:31).

Are you sick?
If so, you might need a doctor.

The events of this year have reminded us how fragile we are and how thin the line is between sickness and health. You can feel great today and come down with the virus tomorrow.

That’s when you need a doctor.

The next verse clarifies what Jesus meant: “I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance” (v. 32). If you think you are righteous, you will not see your need for a Savior. But if you know you are a sinner, you will run to the cross.

That’s why some people have trouble with Jesus. They don’t take that “I’m a sinner” business seriously. I remember reading about an evangelist who worked in New Orleans. God gave him a powerful ministry to the musicians, singers, barkers, gamblers and prostitutes who frequented the famous French Quarter. He said he had always found it easy to win prostitutes to Christ because they already know they are sinners. You don’t have to convince them of that. All you have to do is show them love and give them hope for a better life.

He said it was much harder to win Baptist deacons because they have so much religion they don’t think they need to be saved. Are prostitutes worse sinners than Baptist deacons? No, not really. They both need Jesus. But one thinks he’s good enough; the other knows she’s not. That’s why it’s easier to win a prostitute than a deacon to Christ. Religious people are offended by the simplicity of salvation. When sinners hear the gospel, they know it is their only chance to go to heaven.

How do we receive God’s gift of salvation? Simply by asking for it. Do you want Christ in your life? You may have him today! This is the wonder of the gospel. Do not say, “I’ll do my best and come to Christ later.” That is the language of hell. You cannot be saved as long as you hold on to your notions of goodness.

If you are sick with sin, Jesus is the Great Physician you need. That’s the promise God made when he sent his Son to be our Savior.

Lord Jesus, thank you for grace that saves sinners because that’s my only hope of heaven. Amen.

Musical bonus: Today’s video features a group called Sixpence None the Richer. They produced a version of Silent Night that is bound to lift your spirits.

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