“People will come from east and west and north and south, and will take their places at the feast in the kingdom of God” (Luke 13:29).

When God throws a party, he invites people from everywhere.

Jesus said they will come streaming in from north, south, east and west. Think about what this means:

God intends to have Bolivians in heaven.
He wants Koreans at his banquet table.
He calls them from the islands of the Pacific.
He intends to save people from Kosovo.
He wants Russians at his table.
He wants Chinese at his banquet.
He calls them from Canada and Sweden.
He invites them from Nepal and Tibet.
He intends to have Moroccans feasting with him.
He wants Turks there.
He calls Iraqis and Israelis.

He wants a host of believers from Irian Jaya at his table.

Heaven will be filled with people of every language and culture and skin color and ethnic background gathered to praise the Lord who saved them.

As someone has said, there will be three surprises when we get to heaven:

First, we will be surprised some people are there who we never expected to see in heaven.
Second, we will be surprised some people are not there whom we expected to see in heaven.
Third, the greatest surprise will be that we are there.

When we see the glories of heaven with all the saints and angels gathered there, the greatest surprise will be that we can take part in that grand celebration.

Christmas is the end of thinking we can save ourselves. The birth of Christ means God has come to earth on the greatest rescue mission in history.

The sequence of events that unfolded—the census, the long journey, no room at the inn, “no crib for a bed,” the feeding trough, the “swaddling clothes”—all of it was planned by God even though it all appeared to happen by chance. God willed there would be no room in the inn not for the sake of Jesus, but for our sakes, that we might learn who Jesus is and why he came.

God always intended to include men and women from the north, south, east and west. Be glad God included you!

“For God so loved the world,” is still true today.

Lord Jesus, thank you for making me part of your worldwide family. Amen.

Musical bonus: If you like bluegrass music, you’ll enjoy this down-home version of God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen.

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