Unexpected Good News

December 12, 2004

UNEXPECTED GOOD NEWS by Ray Pritchard The current issue of Newsweek contains some unexpected good news. A recent survey reveals that 79% of Americans believe that Jesus was born of a virgin without a human father. Here are few other findings from the survey: 93% say that Jesus Christ was an actual person who lived on the earth 2,000 years ago. 82% say he was God or the Son of God. 67% say they believe the entire story of Jesus’ birth as presented in the Bible. 55% say every word of the Bible is literally true. 52% say that Jesus will return to the earth someday. The poll also surveyed opinions about teaching creation and evolution in the public school system: 62% favor teaching creation science alongside evolution. 43% favor teaching creation science instead of evolution. Other findings: 11% say that American society reflects the Christian spirit and the true teachings of Jesus. 86% say that organized religion has “a lot”

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