Tuesday Links

November 28, 2006

Mark has posted some new pictures from China.
Josh has posted pictures of Thanksgiving at the cabin. Look for the November 28 entry.
Andy McQuitty’s weekly note references something I wrote about the date of Jesus’ birth and draws some helpful application.
Ryan Whitley writes a blog called Just One More.
Check out Ron’s Reflections.
Larry Snyder has a fine blog called Coram Deo.
Steve Nicholes writes a weblog from Korea called Just My Two Cents
Gwyneth and Rex Bledsoe started a unique website called embracing truth. Here is their explanation:

We developed a personal web site that shares our faith and directs people to other Christian web sites, such as yours and everystudent.com. It is mainly targeted for seekers, so we hand out a card with our web site whenever we strike up a conversation and if it seems appropriate. We call it “dining evangelism” as it’s easy to leave a card with the tip. We’re hoping more Christians will take up the challenge of internet opportunities of reaching people for Christ.

What a creative idea to reach people in this Internet-driven generation.

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