Tuesday, December 16, 2003

December 16, 2003

3:37 PM The Washington Times says that pro-lifers are winning the war on abortion. 3:36 PM Al Mohler issues a call for courage on biblical manhood and womanhood. 8:26 AM New bike riding total: 3504 miles this year. 7:43 AM Our Children’s Choirs presented an incredible program on Sunday night. Over 150 children took part in a very fast-paced program of carols and Christmas specials, all them presented with a excellence and exuberance. Kudos to the Sonshine Club (led by Kim Jahns and Sandy Spisiak), the Sonburst Kids (led by Nancy DeCorrevont), and All 4 Him (led by Steve and Deb Boisse, assisted by Joy Johnson). Special thanks to Sara Becker, Eileen King, Hannah Vander Laan, Amy Jahns, Elena & Johann Buis, Jenni and Deb Boisse, and Hannah Craft for the beautiful prelude pieces. I can’t list all the children who took part, but besides the names already mentioned, featured singers included Erica Drost, Sizakele Irvin, Emily King, Sarah King, Ashley Payne, Angie Ursache, Alline Goeke, Emily Craft, Kelsey Dickeson and Alexa Roy. The program came to a stirring conclusion with “Angels We Have Heard on High/Wonderful Child” featuring all our choirs together and a solo by Ashley Schoenle. Janet Buis stepped in at the last second and coordinated the whole program since Pastor Andrew Irvin was sick. If I were Lawrence Welk, I would say, “Wonderful. Wonderful. Wonderful.” I am so proud of all our children and all of the directors. Thanks for the joy you gave us on Sunday night.</font color> 7:35 AM Renovation update: Outside my windows the workers are finishing the roof on the new portico. Later this week they will install the large windows in the archways. Once that is done, the portico will be completely enclosed and the remaining work will be done without regard to the weather outside… . Lots of painting being done in the new classrooms/offices … I got my first glimpse of the beautiful new enclosed stairway on the far west side of the west wing. It replaces the wooden stairway that was open to the elements… . I saw someone installing emergency lights the other day. Clearly we are in the final stages… . They haven’t started installing the permanent surface in the gym, but that should happen any day now. 7:27 AM Gordon MacDonald revives and reclaims the mostly-forgotten concept of the call to the ministry. In another generation, we challenged young people to consider the call to vocational Christian ministry. MacDonald points out (correctly, I believe) that that concept was lost in the egalitarian 60s and replaced with the notion that “all Christians are called” to serve the Lord. Unfortunately, the latter concept (while certainly true) has almost overwhelmed the view that God calls and sets apart some people to fulltime Christian service. MacDonald is right when he says we need to recapture the concept. I can testify that God called me to vocational Christian service 33 years ago in a definite way at a particular moment in time. The guidelines presented in this article are very helpful and represent the historic view of such men as Spurgeon and Lloyd-Jones. We do not have to choose between seeing all believers as called by God to serve him and believing that God sets apart some men and women to serve him in a special, particular way in his service. And may God raise up (from our young people, our young adults, our older adults, yes, from all ages) men and women who will answer the call to serve him in fulltime Christian service.

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