Troubling Deaf Heaven

January 2, 2006

5:03 PM “It is a great thing to be on the mount with God, and the mountains are meant for inspiration and meditation; but one is taken there only to go down afterwards among the demon-possessed and lift them up.” Oswald Chambers
5:03 PM 28 miles.
10:22 AM Cal Thomas has a helpful analysis of the Dover decision rejecting Intelligent Design:

Culture has long passed by advocates of intelligent design, school prayer and numerous other beliefs and practices that were once tolerated, even promoted, in public education. People who think they can reclaim the past have been watching too many repeats of “Leave it to Beaver” on cable television. Those days are not coming back anytime soon, if at all.

Here is his concluding paragraph:

Rulings such as this should persuade parents who’ve been waffling to take their kids and join the growing exodus from state schools into educational environments more conducive to their beliefs.

10:17 AM Knitters, take note.
10:15 AM A weblog for praying pastors.
9:59 AM Here is my first book recommendation of 2006: Troubling Deaf Heaven by Jeannette Clift George. This book deals with a topic we all wrestle with but rarely talk about – the silence of God. What do you do when you others around you seem to receive daily messages from the Lord, but your prayers feel like they are bouncing off the ceiling? We’ve all been there, and Jeannette Clift George has been there. She writes with a rare combination of beauty, honesty and the ability to paint word pictures that open up new vistas of truth. Near the end of the book she talks about the silence of God after the death of her husband. Her words struck home with me because we’ve all wrestled with God’s silence but haven’t known what to do about it. You might think a book like this is a downer, but it isn’t. There is life and truth and beauty on every page. Buy a copy, then buy another one to give to a friend.

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