Trivia Time Answers for April 30, 2010

April 30, 2006

1. Georgia (57,918 square miles) is the 20th largest state but the largest east of the Mississippi River, coming in just ahead of Michigan and Illinois. I read this in a Lewis Grizzard book. He said you would win a lot of bar bets with this and he was right. No one got the right answer today. 

2. James Madison. Many people are surprised to know there is (was) a $5000 bill. It was in use until 1969 when it was withdrawn from circulation. I was surprised that someone got this question right.

3. Goliath had a sword, a spear and a javelin (1 Samuel 17:45).

4. James Buchanan who served from 1857-1861. He is mostly overlooked because of the man who followed him in the White House, Abraham Lincoln. Buchanan was the only lifelong bachelor to be elected president.

5. Wilbur and Orville Wright. They moved south looking for a good place to establish a flying school. Finding a suitable location outside of Montgomery, their flying school only lasted from February-May, 1910. Later the site became Maxwell Air Force Base.

6. The Nile River. We were in Jinja three weeks ago and took a boat ride to the island near the underground springs that are the source of the Nile River.

7. Casey Jones. J.J. and Marvin and I were all surprised that it took almost the whole program to get someone to answer this question. Note that the great wreck happened exactly 110 years ago today. 

8. Cana of Galilee where he turned the water into wine (John 2:1-11).

9. Tomorrow. No reason to boast because no one knows what tomorrow will bring. 

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