Today’s AFR Interview: “The Church in China”

October 10, 2012

Today I was interviewed on American Family Radio by Tim Wildmon and Jim Stanley about what we can learn from the church in China. They asked me why the church has grown so dramatically in spite of decades of crushing persecution. The numbers are indeed staggering:

1949: 700,000 Christians
1974: 2,500,000 Christians
2012: 100,000,000 Christians

How could the church grow so rapidly even during the terrible years of the Cultural Revolution when the government attempted to wipe out all religion in China? 

In this interview I attempt to answer the question and to lay the foundation for KBM’s China Project. The most important thing I say comes early when I talk about the changing face of world Christianity. 

We have posted the interview online with the title The Church in China. It lasts just under 21 minutes. 

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