Time to Close Our Eyes

October 10, 2008

In these confusing, uncertain times, I found this quote from John Calvin (HT Of First Importance) reassuring:

Our circumstances are all in opposition to the promises of God. He promises us immortality: yet we are surrounded by mortality and corruption. He declares that He accounts us just: yet we are covered with sins. He testifies that He is propitious and benevolent toward us: yet outward signs threaten His wrath.

What then are we to do? We must close our eyes, disregard ourselves and all things connected to us, so that nothing may hinder or prevent us from believing that God is true.

He’s right, of course. There will be many times when we do not feel very strong in our faith. And the current economic uncertainty tends to throw us all off balance. Our challenge today is to take God’s promises at face value. 

If we look at ourselves and our circumstances, we will always despair.
If we look to Christ, we will find a solid rock upon which to stand.

Perhaps we all need to close our eyes for a moment so we can refocus them on something other than politics and the stock market.

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