Tim Tebow’s Super Bowl Ad

February 6, 2010

By now virtually the whole world knows that Tim Tebow and his mother will be featured in a 30-second ad appearing during the first quarter of the Super Bowl. The ad itself is sponsored by Focus on the Family and cost around $3 million.

What message could be so important that supporters quickly raised the three million dollars? And why has the ad sparked so much opposition, outrage and ridicule by the liberal media? Why is it considered propaganda and “political extremism"?

It’s pretty simple, really. Because of a difficult pregnancy, Tim Tebow’s mother was advised to abort her unborn baby. Instead she decided to carry the baby to term, and the result is Tim Tebow.

Heisman Trophy winner.
Two-time national champion.
Quarterback of the winningest team in the history of the Southeastern Conference.

Then there is the fact that he is an outspoken Christian who goes on mission trips and isn’t afraid to speak up for what he believes.

Plus there are those Scripture verses he puts on his “eye-black” that he wears on game days. Here’s how powerful that is. Whatever Bible reference he chooses ends up at the top of the Google search list the next day. 

Pretty amazing guy. Now I’m an Ole Miss Rebel football fan, and far be it from me to mention that the Rebels managed to beat the Gators in “the Swamp” in 2008. They did Florida a favor because it was after that defeat that Tebow made “the Speech” that is now engraved on a plaque at the football stadium in Gainesville. But I’m really thinking of the game the year before when the Gators came to Oxford for a game that didn’t matter much because the Rebels weren’t very good but somehow managed to get a lead late in the fourth quarter. I was at that game and saw for myself what Tebow did. He put the team on his shoulders and said, “We’re going to score.” On the crucial drive the Rebels stopped them again and again but on every crucial play Tebow took the ball and ran it himself, always getting just enough for the first down. Florida won that day, as they won most days when Tebow was the quarterback.

Amazing player. I hope he makes it in the NFL. But if not, he’s left a college record that won’t soon be matched.

The people who know him say he’s the real deal and I don’t doubt it. Frankly, I’m a big Tim Tebow fan, and I think God has raised him up as a witness “for such a time as this.”

Sure glad his mom didn’t take the doctor’s advice. Glad she chose life. And I pray that the commercial encourages others to make that same choice.

Remember this. The ad comes up early in the game so pay attention, keep watching, and we’ll all see an amazing 30 seconds during the biggest game of the year. 

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