Three Noteworthy Articles

November 15, 2006

Here are three articles only loosely connected …
USA Today reports that blogging has now entered the classroom as an educational tool.
Keith Drury has written a helpful analysis of how the Internet is changing the church. Church leaders would do well to consider all six points he raises. Click here to read responses to Drury’s column.
Derek Taylor tipped me off to an article in today’s Wall Street Journal called The Sermon You Heard on Sunday May be From the Web. I wrote about this in my entry called Pastoral Plagiarism. Frankly, I don’t think this is really such a big deal. The Internet has changed everything, including the way preachers prepare sermons. Everywhere I go, I always tell people three things:

1) You are free to use anything I have written or anything you hear me say. You don’t have to write and ask for permission.
2) If you really like anything I write or anything I say, take my name off and put your name on. And while you’re at it, change it. Improve it. Add to it. Modify it to fit your circumstances.
3) If you really, really, really like anything I say or write, that probably means I got it from someone else.

There isn’t anything new under the sun, just new ways of saying old truth. We’re all in this together for the Kingdom, and I am delighted if anyone wants to use what I’ve said or written in their own ministry. Having benefited enormously from what others have said and written, I am happy that I can sit here in Tupelo, Mississippi, hit the Save button, and know that people around the world can use what they find on this website to serve the Lord and his people. Such a thing was not possible fifteen years ago. I’m all in favor of doing your own work, but if my material can help you do your work better, then use it any way you like for the glory of God.

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