Thorpe Schoenle, Rich Pirate With Nerves of Steel

April 24, 2006

I just got through watching Thorpe Schoenle win $464,000 on the hit game show Deal or No Deal. On his way to winning the most money anyone has ever won on the game, Thorpe twice turned down the most money anyone had ever turned down.
I’m glad Case # 2 didn’t have $1 million in it. Thorpe would have been walking back home to Chicago.
When Thorpe started laughing, Marlene said, “I’ve heard that laugh a hundred times at OPCA.”
I’m still sitting here shaking my head. Thorpe said he was the ultimate game player, and he backed it up by stopping at exactly the right moment. He called himself a rich pirate, and he’s right about that.
You nearly gave the rest of us a heart attack, but you had ice water in your veins and nerves of steel.
Congratulations, Thorpe. You are the real deal.
Click here and here to see photos of Thorpe and host Howie Mandel.
Here’s a news report on Thorpe’s appearance. It also contains a link to a video report that includes scenes from the viewing party last night at Calvary Memorial Church in Oak Park.
From the Chicago Sun-Times: Firefighter a big ’Deal’ after $464,000 jackpot.

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