The Persecuted Church—Who Cares?

November 9, 2003

Fallout From Iraq War: Christians Targeted for Persecution”

I wonder how the Bears will do against Detroit today? They’ve won two in a row. I know they’re not very good, but they ought to beat the Lions. A three-game winning streak would be amazing. I’m glad they benched Stewart. Maybe the Bears will draft Eli Manning next year.

Headline: “Christian Persecution Is on the Increase in Indonesia, the World’s Largest Muslim Nation”

A fellow at work said he went to Starbucks and tried their Sumatra blend. He said it had a “capricious” blend with spicy overtones. I need to try that myself. Isn’t Sumatra somewhere near Indonesia?

Headline: “Christian Hospital Overrun by Burmese Militia”

Doesn’t Kohl’s have a big sale going on this weekend? I need some new sweaters. Headline: “Egypt Cracks Down Against Converts to Christianity” I sure hope they finish that renovation project soon. It’s a pain in the neck to have to park two blocks away.

Headline: “Evangelical Pastor Assassinated in Chiapas, Mexico”

Where should we go for our Christmas trip this year? We went to Steamboat Springs last year. I think we should go somewhere warm this time–maybe Aruba or Cancun.

Headline: “House Church Leader Dying in Prison in China”

Have you seen the newest Matrix movie? Me neither. I hear it’s pretty cool. Let’s go to the early showing. I heard about this great restaurant in Chinatown that we can check out after the movie.

Headline: “Muslim Mob Invades Christian Village in Western Nigeria”

I can’t believe she’s still dating that guy. He’s such a loser. She can do better than that–or maybe she can’t.

Headline: “Christians Murdered in Colombia”

Why do they keep talking about persecuted Christians at church? It doesn’t have anything to do with me. Hey, what do you want to do after church today? Let’s go do something fun.

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