The Only Man at the Bible Study

January 8, 2020

An hour ago we received this mail from a prison chaplain in Southern California:
One of our volunteers uses your book at his weekly bible study in Orange County Juvenile Hall. Last October, Marcos was the only person who attended the study and wanted a copy of the book to read in his room.
Two days later he was reading the part that explains salvation and understood the gospel clearer than he ever had before. He got down on his knees and trusted Christ to be his Savior. The next day he was transferred to another facility and shared what happened to another youth who also read the book.
When Marcos was released a few days later, he started going to church with his mom. He called me last month and when I met with him, he shared his story so I wanted to let you know how God used the book.
Chaplain Rick
Think about this. If you are that volunteer and only one guy shows up for Bible study, you may feel like it’s not worth it. But now Marcos has eternal life because of that man’s faithfulness.
We don’t know exactly how Anchor ended up at the Juvenile Hall, but we’re glad it did. Thank God for the volunteer who shared the book with Marcos, and thank God for this faithful chaplain. We’re delighted to be one link in the chain that led to this young man’s salvation.
Thank you for your prayers and your gifts that make this ministry possible. Please join me in praying for Marcos that he will continue to grow in Christ.

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