“The Man With the Measuring Line” by J. D. Jones

post date: August 19, 2010

Notes from Chapter 13 of Paul’s Certainties by J. D. Jones. This chapter contains the sermon “The Man With the Measuring Line” based on Zechariah 2:1, “Then I looked up—and there before me was a man with a measuring line in his hand!”

“If I had to characterize this age in a sentence, I should characterize it as an age that believes in the measuring line We weigh, we test, we measure everything, and what we cannot weigh and test and measure, we refuse to believe in.”

“We are reducing the world to the world that we can touch and see and hear.”

“Scientific materialism is simply the cult of the measuring line.”

“The meaning of this world will never be revealed by means of crucibles and lenses and balances.”

“The world is more than the narrow world, which can be weighed and tested and measured.”

“We are apt to limit the truth to our own understanding of it.”

“Christ has made no partition treaty with any other king.”

“You can measure a sect, a denomination, a particular communion, but the kingdom is larger than any sect, it is larger than all the sects, and the measuring line is useless here.”

“The love of God knows no limit—it is vast, boundless, infinite. It embraces every man—it endures to all eternity.»


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