The Latest Dudley Pictures

April 1, 2006

Davis Duggins sent me this note several weeks ago:

This past weekend I finished re-reading your book on the Lord’s Prayer. I came across a line that made me smile (p. 103). You were talking about trusting God even when he doesn’t answer our prayers. As examples, you mentioned not getting a new dress or “perhaps it was for God to give you a basset hound.” I guess that means that your secret prayers have now been answered. Enjoy your Dudley.

I had completely forgotten that I had written about praying for a basset bound. That was about four years ago. But as Davis says, the Lord answered our prayers when he sent Dudley into our family on Christmas Eve. Here are some recent pictures:
Dudley on Planter.JPG
Dudley in Marlene’s Lap
Dudley in leaves.JPG
Dudley in the Leaves
Dudley on Planter.JPG
Nap Time
Dudley on rug.JPG
King of the House
PS Check out this picture from January for comparison.

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