The Golden Chain of Prayer

April 29, 2001

Five weeks from today our church members will meet to decide on the proposed expansion program. Within the next few days you will receive a brochure in the mail that explains the proposal in great detail. Then we will have a series of open forums where you can ask questions and get more detailed information. Eventually the moment of truth will come when we will vote this proposal (which comes with the endorsement of the elders and the pastors) up or down. This is obviously a huge decision, one that will impact our future for years to come no matter what the congregation decides. If we decide to move forward (as I hope we will), each of us will be asked to make a very personal sacrifice of our financial resources. No one will tell you how much to give, and no one will ever ask you for a specific amount, but each of us will be asked to pray the following prayer, “Lord, what do you want to do through me to accomplish your will in our church?” Each of us will be asked to re-surrender all our possessions to the Lord so that he can use them in any way he desires. Once we sincerely offer what we have to the Lord, then giving becomes a joyful act of worship, not a grudging fulfillment of a pledge made under pressure.

But all of that is still in the future. Between now and Sunday, June 3, we all need to do two things: 1) We need to become fully informed about the proposal, and 2) We need to pray our knees bare. In order to help us to do this, we’re asking 1,200 people (men and women, children to seniors) to join us in being a link in the chain of prayer during May. We want all members and regular attenders to take a baggie containing a prayer card and a golden chain link. Your card will contain five requests and a particular day in May. No two cards have the same five prayer requests. On your assigned day, take time to pray for the five prayer items on your card. You can do this wherever you are. We are not asking you to come to the church to pray on your day. After you have prayed, bring the golden chain link back to the church so we can add it to the chain we are going to assemble in the lobby. When the month is finished, if everyone prays and returns their link, the chain will be over 100 feet long.

One other note. On Saturday, June 2, the elders are calling for a 24-hour, round-the-clock prayer watch at the church to prepare us for the vote on June 3. You will be able to sign up for this just like we signed up for the Bible Reading Marathon. Let’s ask God to help us pray as never before during the month of May.

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