The God of Tiny Details

May 23, 2004

THE GOD OF TINY DETAILS by Ray Pritchard Several years ago I spent a week speaking at Dallas Seminary. On my last day there, the president, Mark Bailey, took us out for lunch. While we were driving along North Central Expressway, I commented to Dr. Bailey about the brand-new, ten-story apartment building that had just been completed. The seminary plans to use the building for married students and also for single women students. When I asked about the $14 million dollars it cost to build, Dr. Bailey said that the money had come in in an unusual way. They received a multimillion dollar gift from some people who had never before given to the seminary. But they needed even more money. At one point, the situation looked bleak until one of the board members, a man of great faith, said that they should stop worrying and start praying for God’s guidance. Soon after that, the money came flowing in. We pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant just as Dr. Bailey was finishing that story. It was very crowded so Dr. Bailey said, “We need a parking spot, Lord.”

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