The G Master

September 25, 2005

On my first day at Calvary 16 years ago, I was given a very special privilege. George Ahlenius entrusted me with a master key that would open every door in the church. If I recall correctly, Paul Lavenau had to talk him into it because George didn’t like to part with master keys. He was right to be careful about it because anyone with a master key could go anywhere he wanted, anytime he wanted. No door remained closed to a man with the master key.

A close inspection reveals a tarnished gold finish with some sort of dark residue in the indentations that run the length of the key. One side reads “Duplication Forbidden.” I used to wonder what would happen if I took it to the hardware store and tried to make a copy. Would I be arrested? I’ll never know. The other side has two capital letters: GM. It stands for G Master. I’m not really sure what the G stands for. I know that in a building like ours, each door has its own lock, and the keys are arranged in various series with different letters and numbers that somehow correspond to the different parts of the building. There are keys that open outside doors, keys that open inside doors, and keys that open various offices. Some keys open doors to particular classrooms.

I’ve seen people with so many church keys that they fumble to find the one they want. I’ve never had that problem because I had the G Master. Years ago we called it the “God Master”

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