The Coronavirus and Our China Outreach

February 3, 2020


This map shows the current spread of the Coronavirus that originated in China. Each day several thousand more cases are reported and the death toll is slowly rising. I mention this to ask you to pray for our outreach to China. Yesterday I received an email from one of the leaders of our China Outreach Team. Here’s a portion of what she wrote to me:

The fast-spreading corona virus not only affects people’s life and death physically, but also upends their overall life direction for those who do survive it health-wise. I hear of car dealers who lost a fortune in one month, and face the possibility of going under. I think of those small restaurant owners who cannot do business at all these days. What can they do for livelihood? Some elementary schools are thinking about offering classes online. The busyness of work slows while the hunger of the soul may surface. The sickness of the human soul is like a virus that hides, lurks in the darkness, and kills! May the Holy Spirit awaken sleepy souls, and quicken our dull spirit so we can hear and heed His voice.

For the last few months our China team has been working on a new series called Ask Pastor Ray. These FAQs are designed to be quick reads. Here’s the first one in the series. Please join me in praying that God will open many hearts to hear His truth. And pray for our brothers and sisters in China during these difficult days.

How Jesus Blessed His Enemies






罗马书5章10节这样说: 因为, 在与神为敌的时候,我们尚且藉着神儿子的死得以与神和好;现在既已和好,就更要靠着祂的生得救。”(圣经新汉语译本)






朋友,主耶稣是我们的恩友。如果你想更多明白十字架的真理,请参阅《十字架深层的意义 – 恩典与忿怒交会之地》的讲章。


You can read more by going to the KBM China website.

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