The Clampetts Move to Town

March 4, 2006

The first order of business this morning was washing our clothes from the nine-day trip we finished last night. Thankfully, the electricity still works in the kitchen where the washer and dryer are located. Upon further review, we could see that it would be impossible to stay in the cabin once the work begins in earnest next week. Someone had split open one of the logs, and you could clearly see the rot inside. It’s going to be a massive undertaking to somehow stabilize the outer walls while moving and replacing those enormous logs. If things are a mess now, they will be ten times worse next week.
So we piled the clean clothes into plastic bags, repacked our bags that were never really unpacked last night, reloaded the car, grabbed a few extra clothes because it looks like we’ll be out of the cabin for another week, and then we’re driving to Chicago next Sunday afternoon. Marlene took her knitting plus several books. I added one or two books to my stack. We took the box with our tax return information that I never got around to doing last week in Florida. Marlene packed some spices for a shrimp dish she plans to make at Alan’s. I packed my brown suit and some more ties. I also found a can of SoBe Adrenalin Rush plus the charger for the Sonic Care toothbrush. Plus my tennis shoes. Plus my biking clothes. Plus my black belt (but I forgot my brown dress shoes, rendering my brown suit useless). I put three bags in the trunk and then filled up the back seat with miscellaneous items, including the all-important laptop computer. When we were finished, we had enough to travel from coast to coast. Then I put the bike rack on the trunk and loaded the two bikes.
As I started to turn the car around in the driveway, Marlene said, “We’re the Clampetts.” Once again, she’s right. When we roll into town, we’ve got all our worldly goods on board, just like Granny and Uncle Jed.

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