The Biggest Number in the World

February 29, 2008

I heard about a Chinese pastor who said he often asks his congregation, “What is the biggest number in the world?” People usually say something like a trillion times a trillion times a trillion. The largest number anyone has ever given a name to is the googolplex. The pastor then points out that the biggest number in the world for you is whatever is enough.

then whatever “enough” is for you, it’s the biggest number in the world. Our problem is that we never get to “enough” so we are never really happy.

For some people, a googolplex of money in the bank would still not be enough. They would want a googolplex plus one.

If what you have is enough, you can be happy where you are because you know that when you need more, your Heavenly Father will provide it for you.

So what’s the biggest number in the world to you?

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