Thirty Pieces Of Silver

There are two things that perplex us about Judas. First, why did he do what he did? Second, after he […]

Text: Matthew 26:14-16
Sermon Series: Faces Around the Cross

The Sensitivity of Jesus

This is how Luke tells the story: As Jesus was on his way, the crowds almost crushed him. And a […]

Text: Luke 8:42-48
Sermon Series: Close Encounters with Jesus

Famous Last Words

It didn’t happen in Chicago, so it wasn’t a day like this. Cold, wet, snowy, slippery and watch your step. […]

Text: Matthew 28:18-20
Sermon Series: World Missions

Forgiving the Unforgivable

Part one of a sermon series “The seven last words of Christ” – (The seven last words of Jesus)

Text: Luke 23:34
Sermon Series: Seven Last Words of Jesus

What We Believe About the Bible

“Modern theology of almost every shade is in crisis.” With those words Clark Pinnock begins his monumental work Biblical Revelation: […]

Text: II Timothy 3:16
Sermon Series: These Things We Believe

The Shepherd’s Gift

About the time I graduated from seminary in 1978, a leading Christian magazine published an article entitled, “Things They Didn’t […]

Text: Ephesians 4:11
Sermon Series: Spiritual Gifts

Are We a Non-Prophet Ministry?

What image comes into your mind when you hear the word prophet? If you are like most people, several images […]

Text: I Corinthians 14:29-33
Sermon Series: Spiritual Gifts

Confessions of a Xenophiliac

They say that true confession is good for the soul, and in that spirit, I want to begin my sermon […]

Text: I Peter 4:9-10
Sermon Series: Spiritual Gifts

The Barnabas Factor

If someone were to give you a name indicative of your personality, what would it be? What nickname or adjective […]

Text: Romans 12:8
Sermon Series: Spiritual Gifts

How to Spot Counterfeit Christianity

I’d like to begin by quoting from an article published in 1988 in Celebrity magazine. The article is entitled, “The […]

Text: I Corinthians 12:10
Sermon Series: Spiritual Gifts

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