Study James Online Starting August 4

July 8, 2020

On August 4 I’m starting an online course called “James: Letter to the 21st-Century.” During August we’ll cover the book in twelve sessions. You can find the course on the Keep Believing Facebook Page. We’ll meet three times a week–Tu-Wed-Th–at 7 PM CT.

This is the same course I’ve taught many times at Word of Life Bible Institute. We’ll start each class with a quiz just like we did in my Daniel class. There is no charge, and you don’t have to register in advance. We will post the videos on Facebook and on the Keep Believing website so you can watch them whenever you like.

Here’s the course outline:

Aug 4 Handbook for Hard Times

Aug 5 Don’t Blame God for Your Problems
Aug 6 Three Mistakes that Block God’s Blessing
Aug 11 The Strange Case of the Snooty Usher
Aug 12 Autopsy of a Dead Faith
Aug 13 How to Tame the Terrible Tongue
Aug 18 Why Are We So Angry?
Aug 19 Six Ways to Jumpstart Your Spiritual Life
Aug 20 Three Temptations We All Face
Aug 25 Four Warnings to the Wealthy
Aug 26 How to Pray for the Sick
Aug 27 Rounding Up the Strays

I hope you will invite your friends to join us as we study this “Letter to the 21st-Century.”

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