Stuck in the Albany Airport

May 26, 2006

2:18 PM We have just posted the latest sermon in the “Understanding God’s Plan” series:
God Simple Plan of Salvation
1:52 PM China update: President Bush meets with Chinese house church leaders. But government crackdown continues. On the bright side, Steven Curtis Chapman performed before a full house at a charity concert in Shanghai.
1:27 PM Last Sunday Brian Bill preached the final sermon in his series on the Da Vinci Code: Searching for Holy Grace.
1:22 PM At the moment I am sitting in the lobby of the Albany (NY) airport, across from the Northwest and United ticket counters. When our flight arrived an hour ago, my bag was still on the tarmac in Atlanta. This is the second time that has happened this week. When we flew to Omaha on Monday, the plane was full and about eight of us had our bags left behind because of “weight and balance issues” since we were on a small jet. Don’t know if the same thing happened or if they just misplaced my bag, but it doesn’t matter. I’m supposed to speak at 7:30 PM for the first service of the Founders Conference at Word of Life. Since that’s about 80 miles north of here, and Word of Life is spread out over various locations, and since I’m not sure exactly where I’m staying at Word of Life (they have lots of different cabins and hotel rooms), I decided to stick around the airport and wait for my bag to arrive at 4 PM. It’s not the most exciting way to spend the afternoon, but I managed to get on the Internet so all is not lost.

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