Sowing Seeds for Jesus

February 15, 2004

SOWING SEEDS FOR JESUS by Ray Pritchard A friend writes asking for help with a difficult situation. Because of a change on the job, this person now works around two men who are openly homosexual. Recently they have started sharing details about their personal relationships. The problem: “I work in an environment that touts ‘tolerance,’ but deals strictly with ‘intolerance.’ For example: They are ok with homosexuality. But if I express my position on homosexuality, I’m in danger of being disciplined for being intolerant. What am I supposed to say or do to be Jesus to them? How do I do this without getting myself fired? Should I worry about that? Any help or guidance you give me will be appreciated.” My answer: “Your situation at work will become more and more common in the days ahead. Your company has placed you in a tricky situation. They are officially tolerant of one thing and intolerant of another. So what do you do? I think you start by believing that God has called you to minister to these two homosexual men. They talk to you because they sense something in your kind heart. Some people will view this negatively–but I think you should see God’s hand in it. You can be Jesus to them in a way that is gracious and kind and yet speaks the truth in love. Pray for opportunities to sow seeds of truth. Christians often get in trouble because in delicate situations, we feel that we must say too much, too soon. We need a winsome spirit so that people will know that we care about them and their concerns. Don’t say anything that violates your own Christian conscience. But that doesn’t mean that you are sinning simply by being a friend to sinners. Somewhere in there–it’s murky at times–there is a line that you must not cross. You cross that line when either you say something you don’t believe or you give the impression that you agree with something when you really don’t. Talk to these men about what matters most in life to them. Ecclesiastes 3:11 says that God has put eternity in their hearts–meaning they have a longing for ultimate truth, to find forgiveness, freedom and meaning in life. Their homosexuality in one sense is a rebellion against God, and in another sense it is a desperate search for something they can never quite find. So think of yourself as a God-appointed seed-sower. If you are wise, you can probably find ways over the next few weeks to say everything you need to say without getting in trouble. And if you are careful and still get in trouble, I Peter 3:12-17 comes into play. You can then rest in the Lord and know that your trouble was his will for you at that point. Those are my rambling thoughts. I hope they are helpful as you stand on the front lines for the Lord.”

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