Sleeping in Airports

post date: October 29, 2007
This morning one of the pastors at Grand Ledge told me about a website called Sleeping in Airports. The site rates various airports on how comfortable they are if you have an layover and have to take a nap. Readers rate various airports worldwide, offering comments and voting for the best and the worst. Readers have voted Singapore the best airport for sleeping and Moscow the worst. Having been in both airports (though not sleeping in either one), I do like Singapore’s airport much better. No American airports showed up in the top ten on the positive side, but in the "least favorite" category, Los Angeles, New York JFK, and Chicago O’Hare came in 6th, 8th and 10th respectively.
So how does Atlanta rate according to Sleeping in Airports? Slightly below average but not too bad. No matter. I can’t sleep right now anyway.
8:20 PM Update. So far we are six and a half hours into our unscheduled layover in Atlanta. We were supposed to leave for Tupelo at 7:46 PM, then moved to 8:04, then to 8:30, then to 9:30. At one point they announced that they were waiting for a plane from Dothan, AL to come to Atlanta but the Delta folks couldn’t figure out if the plane was on the ground or in the air. So they were going to try to figure that out. Later they came back and said there had been a gate change and our new departure time is 11 PM. I may get to sleep in the Atlanta airport after all.
8:50 PM They just said the flight is now scheduled to leave at 11:30 PM. I should have brought a pillow with me.
10:45 PM They moved the departure time up to 10:45 PM. Evidently the plane from Dothan never arrived so they found another plane. Then they had dig up a flight crew. A few minutes ago the pilot and co-pilot arrived. Looked pretty young to me. One guy said he was at home with his two-week old baby when he got the call to come in. We all clapped and cheered when they arrived. Now we’re waiting for the flight attendant to show up. Then we can board and leave. They just changed the departure time to 11 PM. But I’m feeling pretty good now. Went to Chili’s, ate supper, and watched the second quarter of Monday Night Football. I saw them loading the bags, and I’m pretty sure I spotted one of mine. I think I’ll eventually get home tonight.
7:03 AM Finally made it home about 11:30 PM CDT. Got to bed around 1 AM. Feeling groggy this morning but very glad to be home again.


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